I would like to thank Bernice Summerfield for being the most realistic depiction of an archaeologist I can think of in fiction

and by “realistic” I mean “actually painstakingly digs shit out of the ground and cares about the past and societies she’s recovering” rather than “gun-toting treasure hunter a la Indiana Jones”

despite the fact that she is, y’know

a time traveller from the 26th century

Uljabaan: Can you not tell when I am doing my dictating voice? My old computer could tell that.
Computer: With respect, your old computer went mad and had to be melted down before it killed again.


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Sid + adorable smile + beard + unbuttoned shirt = a very frustrated me



AU where Ice King found baby Finn and raised him.

This is the best au idea.


water dragon by Vasylina Holodilina (DeviantArt)


water dragon by Vasylina Holodilina (DeviantArt)


Leela by mustamirri


friendly reminder that if you want me to tag anything at all for you, please come forward. i know there’s a couple of phobias for example that i don’t tag, but these sort of things are because i don’t really know anything about them. like, i just don’t know which things to tag. same for epilepsy warnings, actually, i just don’t know what qualifies as problematic, so if there’s anything at all/if my blog has ever caused you trouble in that way, shoot me a message and maybe explain it to me so i am able to tag accordingly. thanks! <3

AAaaaaaaaaaa I just watched Captain America 2.

I have a lot of SHIELD feels.