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What an incredible day! Thank you to everyone for the support and for spreading the word. For those of your who are just joining us and are looking for a bit of history/backstory, be sure to catch up on the lore for Flight Rising by checking out our prologue series in the Encyclopedia:

Additionally, we just expanded on Flight Rising's present day lore with:

This should be helpful for aspiring roleplayers!

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*heavy breathing* 


*heavy breathing* 

Someone walks over to our step to say hello. She bends at the waist, looming over Brooke.

Brooke doesn’t look up. She doesn’t stop stripping her stick.

Dig. Pull. Dig. Pull.

Our visitor reaches out a hand and cups it below Brooke’s chin.

I freeze. Oh God.

She uses the hand to pull Brooke’s head up by the jaw.

A thin line of panic starts somewhere deep. I know that Brooke is going to scream. 5,4,3,2 …

She does scream, but not in the way that I expect.

“I HATE BEING TOUCHED!!” she shouts.

I am flabbergasted.

Words. Self-awareness. Communication. Self-advocacy.

I know the sentence will need to be reformatted. But I am drenched in pride.

I turn to Brooke. “Great job telling us how you feel, Brooke. Really great job.” I hope that my words send a message to both of them. I stand with my girl.

Our visitor is undaunted.

“I just want to see that beautiful face,” she says. “Lift up for me.”

I am stymied by etiquette. By deference to our host. By generational difference. By convention.

Brooke is not.

She lifts her head as instructed. And growls.

This has probably been posted before, but this knocks me for a loop - a blogger and her autistic daughter had the opportunity to meet Suzanne Wright of Autism Speaks, and this is how one of the noisiest voice in the autism community treated her daughter.

What knocks me for a loop isn’t so much Wright’s awful behavior. It’s the unbelievable strength and self-advocacy that the blogger Jess’s daughter, Brooke, shows when someone violates her personal space. It’s her mother backing her up for making sure someone knows that they are not permitted to touch her unless she says it’s okay. Honestly, it’s heartening. I hope Wright felt real fucking uncomfortable. She should.

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i think we need narvin in a cowboy hat, i’m still not over sean carlsen’s tweet about rhinestone cowboy being narvin’s fav song


i mean what


This is actually the best thing ever.


Such a brave lady my thoughts go out to her family and friends. I’ve had so much joy watching her work, she was brilliant! Not many actors/actresses could take over a role (Helen Herriot) half way through a television programme, not only make it work but make the character their own and a pleasure to watch. Lynda played to part so naturally and beautifully. Rest In Peace ❤


Lynda Bellingham 1948 - 2014


Lynda Bellingham 1948 - 2014



you now cosplay your icon for every day of your life from now on how screwed are you



RIP Lynda Bellingham OBE.

Some people might have known her as the OXO mum or from the TV show loose women, but she also had an amazing Doctor Who role as ‘The Inquisitor’ in ‘The Trial of a Timelord’ alongside Colin Baker.

She was diagnosed with colon cancer in July last year and had undergone chemotherapy, but the cancer spread to her lungs & liver. She decided to stop the treatment to save her family more suffering & so that she could ‘go out on a high’ and not as a frail old lady.

She died in her Husband’s arms.

She lived her life right up to the end, recording a ‘Loose Woman’ tribute a few days ago, which will be broadcast on wednesday on ITV.