When RPing Elora, I spend about 10% of the time writing and the other 90% going “Elora s t o p”


Baby bat continuous ear wiggle


Baby bat continuous ear wiggle


IndieGoGo: Autism and Race Anthology

I am a proud autistic of color working with the Autism Women’s Network to create the first ever anthology of writings by autistics of color about our lives, our experiences, our histories, our communities, our struggles, our passions, and our resilience. Our stories deserve to be told both for us and for future generations that will come after us. They are stories of segregation in education, police brutality, families of birth, adoption, and choosing, ableism connected to racism, finding community, making home, survival, and resilience.  They are stories of being autistic in a neurotypical world and stories of being racialized in a white-dominant world.

Lydia Brown/Autistic Hoya



Time Lords are wonderful because they’re all emotionally constipated sassy dorky assholes who are hyper-competent at some things and completely incompetent at other things and that’s why I need 92834 sitcoms about them Gallifrey isn’t enough we need to cover e v e r y Time Lord.

*whispers* Terrible Cloak Guy.

Also, once after watching Invasion of Time (which should be a terrible episode but is the closest thing we HAVE to a time lord sitcom in canon so I love it. Also it has sontarans tripping over plastic chairs so.) we discussed the two random time lords seen just before the coronation scene, where one admits to being really interested in maths and the other suddenly draws back like he was talking about his dragon dildo collection. From which we concluded that having hobbies is a really risque thing on Gallifrey (liking things, what even!) and there are secret clubs where people talk about complex equations or alien literature or toy trains idek and it’s all a bit embarrassing and they have secret signals to find other aficionados and stuff.


((The Coordinator is sad - he can’t participate in any bickering today))


((The Coordinator is sad - he can’t participate in any bickering today))


aeryn sun meme  eight lines


If the Master is the Doctor’s arch-enemy, then why is it that



shout out to black autistics who risk death by accidentally coming across as rude or misunderstanding social cues or not being able to communicate or stimming in public



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